We design inclusive and welcoming Accessible environments

Designing spaces that can be used by everyone means making flexible use of any hospitality environment.
Driven by continuous research, we create environments where design and innovation come together to create universally appealing spaces.A better customer experience increases occupancy rates.

From check-in to designing the right access principles for restaurants, corridors and elevators, our team will walk you through the design and selection of the most appropriate products for any hospitality environment.

Track lighting that is integrated into the wall cladding.
This lighting, combined with artificial intelligence sensors, can be turned on by voice command and change color in case of danger in the building.

Insertion of console with monitor that allows us to communicate with the room both vocally and through the use of a keyboard.

In this particular case we highlight the possibility of inserting the suspended bed, which in addition to its design, is very comfortable and functional.

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