“The great promise of technology is to give everyone an equal opportunity to achieve their goals. As long as there are obstacles for some, you can’t say our work is done Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google

With the firm conviction of this vision, All Access Ability, in collaboration with the Department of Medicine and Engineering of the University of Parma and important companies in the sector, is studying technologicaland domotic solutions that allow people to live safely and comfortably.

All devices and automations can be customized according to your needs.

AAA is able to make all the devices and automatisms of your home and office part of an intelligent system at your service.

CUSTOMIZED CASE KIT FOR HOTELS AND CRUISE SHIPS A series of products that, combined, allow any person with a mild or severe hearing impairment to detect all types of events. Suitable for homes of all sizes, nursing homes, hotels, cruise ships… It can be customized according to different needs.


Intelligent video analysis, has reached levels of reliability that seemed unreachable only a few years ago. It is undoubtedly one of the most widely used tools for the constant surveillance of nursing homes or apartments where elderly or disabled people. live alone. In fact, it is possible, by means of algorithms realized directly on board the latest generation cameras, to automatically detect the presence of a person on the floor and quickly generate an alarm, alerting relatives or requesting rapid medical intervention.


An alarm device designed for working environments requiring a high level of safety. Easy to use, the kit is equipped with two alarm and detection buttons that allow the alarm to be activated safely and under any circumstances.

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