All Access Ability, a company specializing in accessible design, was born from the experience of Elena and Marcello, parents of a blind child. From their personal experience and Marcello’s twenty years of experience in the construction sector, they decide to create a reality that can design living spaces for the benefit of different people and in the most different situations.

At AAA we believe in creating places where projects are intended for everyone and not for a particular category of users, but for men and women to live in a comfortable space.

Collaborating with theDepartment of Medicine and Engineering of the University of Parma and with leading companies in the sector allows us to adapt and create technologically innovative solutions that can respond to your needs.

Our services include design, product supply, consulting and training services to meet your accessibility and design needs..

Our team

Elena Fellina

CEO & founder

CEO of All Access Ability. After graduating in clinical psychology from the University of Padua, she assumes the role of research and selection manager in a major multinational.

In 2006, the premature birth of Gabriele forced her to quit her job and take care of her son full time. Life with Gabriele makes her understand how physical and cultural obstacles often prevent people with various difficulties from living their lives to the fullest.

At AAA, she deals with business and administrative management and strategic coordination.

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Marcello D'orsi

Accessibility Consultant

Second generation in the construction sector, with the birth of his son Gabriele, he is increasingly interested in the world of disability and related issues.

Consultant for All Access Ability, an innovative start-up for the design of usable environments, he collaborates with various architectural firms for the drafting of PEBA plans, consultant on specific and customized projects, and with various training organizations for the dissemination of good practices for the promotion of accessibility.

Winner of the international competition for the design of accommodation facilities “BEESPOKE ACCESS AWARD 2108”. Present at the HOME OF 2030 competition promoted by the Royal Institute of British Architects in 2020.

Thanks to Gabriele, Marcello has realized that his path is to use his 20 years of experience in the construction sector in the service of disability to create accessible and usable spaces, “Because barriers can and must be overcome….

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Labita Pietra

Architect and Designer

She graduated from the University Institute of Architecture of Venice and began her professional career in 2005. Curiosity and passion have led her, over the years, to live multifaceted experiences in the design sector, focusing on ethical and sustainable design. Always interested in all forms of creative expression, she feeds on color, matter and light. “Life is a blank canvas, it’s up to us on a daily basis to choose the colors to give content to our needs and emotions.”

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Samantha Taglini

Marketing consultant

After graduating in Foreign Languages and Literatures, she decided to specialize in the field of linguistic communication, obtaining an international master’s degree in Language, Society and Communication. She has combined studies and work since her second year of university, working in professions in line with her chosen educational path, starting with experience in important companies in the area, with the role of translator and in charge of external relations and marketing data collection, also participating in important trade fairs, such as Cersaie and Pittiuomo. For years she was also involved in communication in the strict sense of the word, working as a reporter for a television channel and as press officer.

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