Faced with the challenge of an inclusive society, it is necessary to prepare professionals for new concepts, plan effective interventions, propose improved skills for all and give them the opportunity to adapt to the different phases and cycles of life.

In all this, TRAINING is therefore the key to a future without exclusion.

To achieve this goal, AAA has created a team of professionals capable of giving clear and concrete answers on the issues of accessibility and inclusion.

The recipients of our training are:


Advice in the design phases and training in methods and techniques of accessible and inclusive design of private and public spaces with examples of specific cases: homes, stores, schools, sports centers, museums, etc.


The inclusive tourism market is set to increase as the population ages. Ensuring that your venue staff and managers are trained and confident in inclusive tourism will make a big difference to customer service. Through training and information courses you will be able to:

  • be updated on the standards that must be applied;
  • welcome guests and make them feel comfortable;
  • communicate simply and clearly;
  • use new technologies;
  • know the safety devices to better understand the attitudes to adopt when waiting for help.


All the proposed interventions are aimed at optimizing the spaces and activity flows in the path taken by the person inside the office or the center:

  • Assistive technologies;
  • Reception and communication;
  • Room adaptations.

According to the different needs, the training course can be customized.
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